For more than 100,000 years, humans have been trying to make themselves more beautiful, more attractive and more interesting by wearing jewellery. To this day, jewellery is not only used to serve this purpose, but also to allow the individual to stand out from the crowd, to represent a certain status. In order to meet the demand for jewellery, the fashion trade has only too often opted for conventional and unimaginative jewellery development and production. In such cases, jewellery turns into a lifeless, boring object and the urge for mass distribution becomes more important than the courage to develop something extraordinary.
Alexander Stadler, founder of the exclusive designer jewellery brand MOMENTOSS®, deliberately avoids mainstream influences and has the courage to stray from the beaten track. His interest lies in the bond between the piece of jewellery and the person who wears it. Each of his creations is special in its uniqueness and particular characteristics and gives the person who wears it the feeling of being special and wearing something special.
When founding MOMENTOSS® FILO, Alexander Stadler decided to have his collections manufactured in Italy. “Made in Italy” forms part of the company concept and identity and is at the same time a message to the customers. Inspired by the fiery and cheerful Italian temperament, MOMENTOSS® FILO combines these characteristics with Austrian tradition, elegance and femininity. Jewellery, which is not only feminine, sexy and attractive but also incomparable and irresistible. Jewellery, which not only emphasises the femininity in every woman but turns her into a real diva.

Alexander Stadler has always remained faithful to his goal never to stand still in his development and always to create new designs and jewellery collections. It is in particular his innovative team of designers who not only foster new ideas but also translate them into reality. In this way, pieces of jewellery of stunning beauty and in ever-new variations are created for women who are looking for something very special. 

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